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Here’s an article about bees. Bees are a bug. They have a stinger. It hurts if you get stung but they are just trying to protect themselves. Bees are a very cool bug. They have lots of body parts. Some if the body parts hurt people. But they just need to protect themselves from danger and predators. But some bees don’t have stingers. They live in Africa. The honey from the bees that live in Africa tastes very good/I just want to hold the bees. If you have any questions you may ask them on my website. And please subscribe!

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Cockroaches have been on earth since the dinosaurs. A cockroach can go about 4 weeks without food. They can live about 14 days without water. Some female cockroaches mate and stay pregnant all their life. A cockroach can live up to 7 days without a head. Cockroaches can go over 30 minutes without breathing. Cockroaches, if they need to, can run up to 3 miles per hour.

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Chapter 3
The Human Body

This article is about the human body!!!!
There are a lot of parts in the human body. You can look at the picture to see all the parts.

Chapter 4

Teeth help you chew your food. Your baby teeth wiggle out and you get grownup teeth which you really have to take care of. If you are lucky the tooth fairy may come and pick up your tooth. Or you might say "tooth fairy can I keep my tooth?"